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Skill & Fitness Levels


At Outline Adventures we make our best to provide all details needed, in order for our travellers to fully understand the character of our adventures. A complete guide of skill and fitness levels helps us to provide the best riding experience for our customers and maximum safety for the whole tour.

Our guides will provide you on-the-trail riding tips, so you’ll have the opportunity to improve your technique and so after your vacation to return home better rider!

Here’s the guide to our skill and fitness levels.

Skill levels (*)

Level 1 – Beginner +
• You have limited experience with off-road riding.
• You can efficiently peddling, braking and changing gears.
• You bike basically on forest roads.

Level 2 – Novice
• You have some experience on riding off-road and wide dirt trails but don’t yet have the skills and confidence to consistently ride terrain with roots, rocks and steeps.

Level 3 – Intermediate
• You have been mountain biking regularly for more than one year.
• You have reasonable bike handling skills, and you are confident riding in a variety of terrains and conditions including: singletrack, muddy, wet, rocks etc.
• You are comfortable at riding trails with moderate climbs and descents, some of which may be slightly technical in nature, but may get off and walk some sections.
• You ride at least three to four times per month.

Level 4 – Advanced
• You have been mountain biking for at least three years and are very comfortable handling most types of riding and moderate technical features obstacles.
• You have good bike handling skills and can lift front and rear wheels, do small jumps, corner, climb and descend well.
• You have considerable experience of riding on a wide variety of technical terrains including: drops (up to 0,5 m), rocks, switchbacks, rooty, muddy, loose, fast singletrack.
• You ride at least once a week and rarely get off and walk sections.
• You can climb and descend comfortably on technical singletrack for as long as required.

Level 5 – Expert
• You are a mountain bike god/goddess. You can easily handle the most technical terrain imaginable, eat up steeps for breakfast and can hit all the gaps, drops and jumps any park or raw trail throws at you.
• You ride at least twice a week (in all weathers) and you’re happy to ride all day long.

Fitness levels (**)

Level 1
• You are a reluctant athlete. Cycling on flat ground for an hour or so is more than enough for you and you walk any small climbs

Level 2
• You exercise on average 1 hour per week (including riding a mountain bike).
• You can handle a 1 hour bike ride on flat terrain at a relaxed pace for 3 consecutive days
• Small, short hills are challenging to climb, but are sometimes manageable

Level 3
• You have a reasonable level of fitness, exercising at least twice a week for 45 minutes or more, throughout the whole year
• You are capable of riding for multiple days in a row at a moderate pace for an average of 2 hours of pedal time each day.
• You are capable of climbing up to 300 vertical metres in a day.
• You exercise on average 3 hours per week.

Level 4
• You are capable of riding for multiple days in a row at a moderate pace for an average of 3-4 hours of pedal time each day.
• You can handle moderately steep climbs of up to a total of 600 vertical metres in a day.
• You exercise on average 5 hours per week.

Level 5
• You are super-fit and often train for enduro or other mountain bike events
• You are comfortable mountain biking for 5 hours or more per day, at a moderate pace, for 4 or 5 consecutive days
• You can tackle sustained climbs of up to 1.500m per day

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